If you’ve been managing executive travel for over ten years, you may remember the best way to pay for things overseas used to be traveler’s checks. In fact, a popular advertisement stressed “You won’t leave home without it.” travel safety appNow, many younger VIPs on business don’t even know what a traveler’s check is. After the invention of the smartphone, many basic overseas banking transactions have been replaced with on-line exchanges. Sure, credit cards are still popular, but it’s rare anyone would carry a book of checks along on a business trip overseas anymore. Business travel has changed and so has how to pay for things along the way. New technology like the smartphone can make overseas payments simple to track.

To help a busy executive on overseas business, the best mix seems to be credit cards and the old standby; cash on hand. For instance, if a VIP dines at a top Moroccan restaurant, they can easily track their business meals by paying via credit card. Yet, once the executive gets out on the street and decides to haggle with a vendor, cash can offer a better return. So it seems a traveling executive with both a little cash in their pocket and a smartphone can get the best return on their money. We think the same goes for a reliable travel safety app!

FonTrac’s Travel Safety App is a Smart Investment for Traveling Employees

Although business travel has changed, some objectives stay the same. One is employee travel safety. When a company sends an employee overseas to manage a project, a team of travel safety experts nearby has proven to pay off. Now that executives carry a smartphone, the reliability of travel safety has an even better return. HR departments can send their VIP’s overseas with both a security team nearby and in the pocket. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, the Fonetrac travel safety app offers online updates as well as real people standing by 24/7 to support an overseas employee in trouble. If a safety threat has occurred nearby while a VIP is bartering in a Moroccan market, they will be alerted over the Internet and via the app.

Whether a typhoon alert has been released or an executive is facing another type of travel emergency, FoneTrac’s travel safety app can be trusted to provide the right pay off.

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