Summer is here, and it is at this time of year that many students travel abroad, both on holiday and in order to study as part of a “study abroad” program. If you are an administrator of a study abroad program you have to take into account the safety of your students. The FoneTrac app for students, studying abroadThe simple fact is that danger lurks around many corners in the 21st century, no matter if your students are visiting what you might think to be a “safe” country. Just think of the terrorist attacks that have taken pace in cities like Paris and London in the past year or two. Nowhere in the world can be considered totally safe any longer.

This is why, as an administrator, you have to think ahead and take every opportunity to keep your students safe, especially when they are on an official “study abroad” program. One very simple way to do this is to use an app for study abroad safety which can be downloaded on to your students’ mobile phones, or even tablets or laptops.

Travel Safety App From GlobalSecur

Such an app is available from GlobalSecur and is called FoneTrac. This is a travel safety app for study abroad and is very simple to use. First and foremost, it enables your students to check in via the app wherever they happen to be. It can be used on iPhones or Android phones and enables students to check in as often as they wish and update their location on the GlobalSecur mapping system. All the user needs to do is to open the app and press a button to check in and that will immediately update their whereabouts on the system. Better still, there is also a panic button on the app so that if a student is in any sort of trouble or is caught up in a political demonstration, for example, this will be relayed to a sophisticated service that will provide both information and assistance from real people on the ground during a genuine panic attack.

At GlobalSecur we have built up a network of companies and individuals around the world who can advise and assist when needed. The FoneTrac travel safety app for study abroad is also connected to our Command Center (“GlobalSecur”) which constantly monitors safety and security in countries and cities internationally, and this means that your students can be kept advised of any likely or imminent situations that are about to occur wherever they may happen to be. “Forewarned is forearmed” in this case.

So if you are an administrator in charge of students who are traveling, the FoneTrac travel safety app for study abroad is an essential tool in the armory of any student. We have enterprise licenses available for universities and colleges, as well as for non-profits and NGO’s, so contact us today to discuss your needs.

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