IMG GlobalSecur, the producers of the industry-leading travel safety app, FoneTrac, is proud to announce a question-and-answer format post to their blog interviewing personal safety expert, Faith Kohler. Ms. Kohler is a former Federal agent and a high profile expert involved with the Fone-Trac app.

“We’re excited to be working with Faith Kohler,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “The Q&A we posted to the blog is just a short excerpt of what she’s doing and some of the issues about which she is passionate. It’s highly recommended for anyone trying to keep up with trends in personal safety and security, including the cross-over to apps such as FoneTrac that can assist travelers.”Travel Safety and Travel Security with Personal Safety Expert, Faith Kohler

Interested persons can read the blog post at Those who are looking for a spec sheet on the FoneTrac travel safety app can visit Persons who work for organization such as corporations, universities, or government entities are encouraged to reach out for a consultation and demo; journalists and bloggers who are interested in either FoneTrac and/or Faith Kohler are urged to reach out for interview opportunities.


Here is background on this release. The need for better awareness of personal safety and security is growing, as there are more and more travelers across the planet and both business and government are sending their employees to international meetings and events. For this reason, IMG GlobalSecur offers a full suite of services that can assist. First, the company offers the consulting services of travel security experts such as Faith Kohler, Christopher Hagon, Harley Stock, and Tim Bradley. These experts in travel security issues, including for employees, corporations, and government entities, have been interviewed in key publications, such as for example, the December, 2017, article in the New York Times at which said this about FoneTrac:

“Developed by Incident Management Group, a firm that specializes in the security of business travelers and individuals, FoneTrac allows users to check in at the press of a button to let the firm and anyone on their designated contact list know that they are fine. The company also monitors security developments worldwide and will send a message to app users if anything from a terrorist attack to an earthquake is going on where they are. In the event of an emergency, a panic button provides the firm your location and triggers immediate notification to a US Emergency response Center and ground support.”

FoneTrac is user driven – IMG does not monitor user locations continuously. The system is only aware of a user’s exact location each time he or she presses the “check-in” button or when they press the “panic alert”. However, the system does monitor a user’s exact location continuously when they press the “panic alert” so the system can help a user in an emergency (until, of course, they shut down the FoneTrac app or phone).

Second, the company offers the FoneTrac travel safety app. The app has both “push” and “pull” information features allowing users to get updates on security issues as well as send request for help or information. It is an industry leader when it comes to travel safety for international travel. Third, the company’s GlobalSecur system at offers a “backend” with access to real people in real-time. In this way, business, government, and non-profit organizations can leverage a three-dimensional strategy to improve their travel safety. The recent Q&A with Ms. Kohler is yet another information outreach by the company to “get the word out” about the New World Order when it comes to travel safety.


Incident Management Group is a leading international security consulting firm. Corporate or business organizations concerned about their need for robust travel security solutions can reach out to the IMG GlobalSecur for assistance. The company’s experts provide services such as executive, employee, VIP, and expatriate travel security, workplace safety, duty of care management, risk and threat assessments, workplace violence prevention, crisis management planning, and more.

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