We’re agnostic! No, we don’t mean whether God exists or not – although that IS an important question. We mean whether your staff should use an iPhone or an Android device to access the FoneTrac travel safety app. iphone and android travel safety apps (best ones)However, as luck would have it FoneTrac works on both platforms! It really doesn’t matter which mobile they prefer, but they really should have the FoneTrac travel safety app for Android or iPhone when they travel abroad on company business. In fact, they should have it when they travel abroad, full stop!

We live in a dangerous world and you need to be able to monitor your staff whereabouts and insure that they have access to information about the area that they are in, and can obtain help in an emergency. The FoneTrac travel safety app for  iPhone or Android has several features that can help your staff wherever they are abroad.

Check In From Anywhere on the Travel Safety App That’s Agnostic

FoneTrac is operated by GlobalSecur and the user can check in from wherever they happen to be. Their location is recorded on the GlobalSecur mapping system and users can update their location as often as they wish. If they are traveling on a long journey within the country they can update several times a day. The locations are constantly monitored, and if a dangerous situation develops – or even looks likely to happen – the FoneTrac app sends a notification to both the user, and to you as the HR manager or director of the company. This alert enables the user to take any necessary avoiding action in order to remain safe, and also keeps you updated.

In addition to that, the FoneTrac travel safety app for Android or iPhone also has a panic button. If the user faces an emergency situation all that he or she needs to do is to press the panic button which will instantly alert the GlobalSecur staff at the monitoring station. The staff can then provide remote assistance and/or provide assistance on the ground wherever the member of staff happens to be.

The FoneTrac app also has a built-in list of contact numbers which provide a direct connection to experts who can provide help and advice on any sort of security issue.

If you have staff who are traveling abroad, they really do need the FoneTrac app installed. This is not one of the cheap travel safety apps for casual travelers, although it is not expensive. It is a full service app that overs every kind of situation.

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