It’s sad, but true: the world in 2018 is a far more dangerous place than it has ever been. Terrorists abound, and most of them are very happy to kill themselves as long as they can kill a few other people in the process. Travel safety app for Android.Apparently, the rewards for martyrdom are so great that it is worth doing. (As an aside, it does make one wonder why these people don’t ever consider asking the people who tell them this why they don’t just do it themselves. However, it remains a fact that terrorism is on a high).

When you travel abroad, it is not just terrorism that can cause serious problems. There can be other sorts of political unrest. There can be natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and more. Then there can also be other problems which may not be life-threatening, but which can cause severe difficulties: you are in Peru and you break a leg: where do you go and who do you see to get it fixed?

You are in Romania and someone steals your wallet with all your contacts, cash, and credit cards in it. Now what? You arrive in Tel Aviv at 2.00am and try to check into your hotel to find that your room has been double booked and the hotel is full. We could go on and on, but the fact is that there can be all sorts of problems that you could never anticipate when you travel abroad.

This is why you need the FoneTrac travel safety app for android phones – assuming you don’t use an iPhone. FoneTrac is the industry-leading travel safety app for android phones and has features which put it far above other travel apps. First, you only have to open the app and press a button to check in with the GlobalSecur mapping system in order to update your location. You can do this as often as you like, and the system will keep tabs on your whereabouts.

GlobalSecur monitors what is going on in the region that you happen to be located and can advise you of any potential dangers through your FoneTrac app. So if you are heading for Dakar and there happens to be serious flooding there which could be life-threatening, you will know about it.

In addition, with the FoneTrac travel safety app for android phones you have a panic button. All you do is open the app and press the button and you will be in immediate contact with a 24/7 control center based in the US that can advise and/or put you in instant contact with people on the ground who can help you wherever you happen to be.

FoneTrac: can you afford to be without it?

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