When you or your employees are traveling abroad – whether on business or for pleasure – you can be venturing into dangerous territory. Different countries have different cultures and you can get into trouble without even knowing that you are breaking local laws.Travel Safety App for iPhone

For instance, if you go to Saudi Arabia and go through customs with a couple of puff dogs in your pocket you can get thrown into jail. Yes, if your puff dog contains any pork you are in trouble, because it is illegal to import pork into Saudi Arabia. How could you possibly know that? It is also illegal to drink alcohol or import it: you might be aware of that, or then again perhaps not, but a puff dog?

Those might seem like minor infringements, but even so, getting thrown into jail is not good. However, there are many other sorts of difficulties that you can get into in foreign countries and have no idea what to do about them. Suppose you go to Paris for a week? What a lovely idea. The top of the Eiffel Tower. Lunch in Montmartre. Lovely. But suppose you go into a supermarket and have a slip and fall accident because the floor is wet, and you fracture your ankle? What do you do?

You can bet that the store is not going to take responsibility. Where do you go to get your ankle fixed up? What about the fact that it has ruined your holiday? What do you do about it?

The Answer Is The FoneTrac Safety App

The answer is the FoneTrac travel safety app for iPhone. You can simply download it from the Apple store and you have instant connection to the GlobalSecur system which has 24/7 bases in the US. With the FoneTrac travel safety app for iPhone you can get into instant touch with people who have the answers to all of the questions you have when you have fractured your ankle in the supermarket. You could be in Paris or you could be in Bogota – it doesn’t matter.

The FoneTrac travel safety app for iPhone also records your location wherever you are in the world (as long as it is not in the Amazon jungle where there is no connection). You can simply check in by pressing a button and the system logs your exact location so that when you are abroad on business your company knows exactly where you are. This means that it is an ideal app for overseas business travel, as your employer has a duty of care and can take steps to ensure your safety. When you have the app you also get completely free upgrades just by logging in to the Apple store. So you always have the very latest security developments.

It is the ideal app for safety overseas, and every company sending staff abroad should insist that they have it. There is also a built-in panic button, so that employees abroad can access all the help they need in an emergency, including help from contacts on the ground wherever they happen to be.

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