“Bleisure” travel is a growing trend for Millennials and combines the activities of “business” and “leisure” travel into one trip. For young business professionals, travel shouldn’t be an exhausting duty, but should also include a chance to soak up the local culture, sample the cuisine and enjoy a night out.

As an employer, it’s important to understand this emerging trend and to prepare appropriate travel security procedures for employees seeking to include some fun in their next business trip. These procedures might include using a travel security app for iOS such as FoneTrac.

FoneTrac: A Travel Security App for iOS

Bleisure travel is particularly common for employees going on long-distance business trips to destinations like Shanghai, London, Dubai etc. It really only makes sense for Millennials…jet lag and long airplane rides aren’t fun, so including a day ortravel security app

two extra for sightseeing makes the trip more bearable. And, if a family member or significant other comes along, the business trip becomes even more like a vacation.

Yes, bleisure trips can be perfect for employees, but what about employers? Travel security can be a headache, so imagine what adding additional people and days onto the trip would do to the trip!?

Reduce stress with the help of the FoneTrac app – Thankfully, employers don’t have to stress as much with the help of the FoneTrac travel security app for iOS. FoneTrac offers an easy way for employees to “check-in” or send “panic” alerts while on the go. These alerts go directly to experienced security personnel with 24/7 availability. Employers can purchase corporate plans to cover all their employees and, if an employee takes someone along for the bleisure trip, the employer can refer his or her employee to https://www.fonetrac-go.com where Individual subscriptions can be purchased for additional persons.

Set clear guidelines for employees – Just because your employees are going to have fun while on the trip, doesn’t mean you have to pay for all the costs involved. Make sure to clearly define what the company is paying for and what the employees need to pay for themselves. Costs such as additional airplane ticket(s), extra persons in the hotel room, food expenses etc. should be spelled out so your employees know what bills they will need to pay and what you, the employer, will cover. Also, be sure to set guidelines as to whether extra days traveling will be covered by the company or if the employee will need to use his or her allotted vacation time for extra time spent at the business destination.

Encourage bleisure travel – Although it may come with some extra work on the employer’s end, bleisure travel can be a huge perk for employees and a great way to entice Millennials to work at your company. If you and your company put in the work needed to think through how to handle bleisure travel and consider using a travel security app for iOS like FoneTrac, there’s no reason why you should discourage employees to make the best use of a business trip!

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