Summertime is here, which means that students, parents, teachers and even business executives will be traveling for work or on holiday. As such, it’s important for you and your loved ones to consider security options when traveling overseas and even while visiting destinations here in the USA. FoneTrac is one of many travel safety apps for travelers, but it is more than just a “safety app.” In this post, we’ll explain why FoneTrac can help you stay safe while enjoying your summertime adventure.

FoneTrac offers 24 / 7 security support from an experienced team of professionals. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you’re facing, we can help. Simply press the panic alert button if you’re dealing with an emergency or give us a call via the handy phone feature on the app to reach our security assistance team.

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FoneTrac limits tracking of you while you’re out and about. In today’s world, it seems like literally everything follows your movements…from exercise apps to companies that own major search engines and more. The FoneTrac team understands your desire for privacy and has designed the app to allow location tracking for emergency / check in needs but also with limited location tracking usage when possible to protect your privacy and save on your battery life. Compare that with other safety apps for travelers!

Worried about other travel emergencies while away from home?

Travel can be fraught with danger and, sometimes, it may seem better to just stay home. But living in fear will lead to a lifestyle of limitations that only serve to hold you back. FoneTrac can help you step out and enjoy the sunshine around the world! We’ll give you the security support needed so you don’t have to worry while leaving home. Adventure is out there waiting for you and your family! If you’re an executive or business employee, you can rest easy knowing that security experts will watch your back so you can ace that business meeting overseas!

In conclusion, if you’re looking at safety apps for travelers, you’ll definitely want to consider the FoneTrac app for your business or family security needs. Our app works with both iPhone and Android, so you can rest easy and enjoy your trip.

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