You’re an entrepreneur with a growing business. It’s exciting to have lots of orders, happy customers and a nice sum in the bank account. But life as a business owner is stressful too. And, if you’re responsible for the well-being and security of employees who travel around the country or globe for work reasons, the stress will be even more intense. Enter the FoneTrac app…a travel security app and employee travel itinerary template all in one. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of FoneTrac and IMG GlobalSecur for your workflow as a business owner or executive.

The FoneTrac platform can easily scale with your business. As your business grows, we can add additional users to your plan so that all employees will benefit from the app’s travel security features.Employee Itinerary Monitoring

FoneTrac offers panic alert and check-in travel security out-of-the-box. Your employees can rest easier while on an international trip. If they need emergency help, our expert security team is available 24 / 7 for assistance. We can help your employees with advice about evacuation measures if needed, for example.

If you want a no-hassle way to track your employees while they are out of town, IMG GlobalSecur’s app doubles as an employee travel itinerary template as well. Before leaving on a business trip, simply instruct your staff to use FoneTrac to check in at regular intervals while gone. As employees check in, their location will be sent to IMG GlobalSecur’s database. As an executive, you’ll be given access to an account where you can view your employee information as needed. This ensures that employees go where they’re supposed to without making them feel like you’re bugging them via text all the time…”where are you now?”

In conclusion, FoneTrac and IMG GlobalSecur can help your business manage your employees and help keep them safe while traveling for work. If needed, FoneTrac’s panic alert feature gives your staff the ability to get help in an emergency. Our app also doubles as an employee travel itinerary template, so your employees can be kept accountable as to their whereabouts. In short, if your employees travel for work, you need FoneTrac!

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