Sometimes, solo travel is a necessity. Maybe you’re burned out and need a weekend retreat at the beach to recharge by yourself. Or maybe you have an upcoming international business trip and have been given the task to persuade your client to take the deal. Although solo travel seems intimidating, it is definitely doable and can be enhanced with the help of safety apps for solo travelers like FoneTrac.

Smartphones are like ninjas…these mighty machines pack a punch and give users the ability to complete many tasks in one. There are so many travel security apps to choose from as well! It can be overwhelming to select the right app to complete the job you want it to do. Here are some reasons why FoneTrac should be your app of choice when looking at safety apps for solo travelers.

With FoneTrac, You’re Not Alone as a Traveler

An app that comes with team support – True, you don’t have another person physically traveling with you. But with the touch of a few buttons, you can be talking with and receiving the expert advice of a 24 / 7 security team. If you don’t need to talk with someone but want others to know you’re okay, you can simply use the check-in feature to send your location to our system. Essentially, it’s like giving a “thumbs up” that all is going well.

An app that connects you to your family, friends or employer – If desired, a trusted family member, friend or boss / business associate can also receive your travel data so they know your whereabouts and if you have any security needs. You’ll have peace of mind because Mom

Travel Safety App for Individuals

knows where you are (in an unobtrusive way) and that you have help if you need it.

An app that’s cost effective – Let’s face it…traveling solo means that you don’t have someone to split the costs up with. Unless your employer is paying the bills, hotel rooms, cab rides and meals all can come with a hefty price tag. Even groceries can more expensive for one person, so you probably won’t be cooking food for yourself to save money. FoneTrac gives you access to the security help you need…starting at only $129 per year. It’s perfect for students and adults alike.

FoneTrac isn’t the only one of the travel safety apps for solo travelers out there, but it’s the one you should use if you’re going on a vacation or business trip by yourself. Even if you go alone, you can benefit from security tools that ensure that you get the help needed if there’s an emergency. Au revoir and safe travels!

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