After loving, caring for and protecting your children for 18 years, it’s terrifying to think about sending them out into the world. And it’s a scary world too. Mass shootings and other violent crime seems to occupy more and more time on the news these days. To top it off, maybe your children are very responsible and mature at 18, but what about the other kids at college? And what if one of your children decides to take a semester to study abroad? Yes, there’s a lot to worry about as a parent. And yet, the FoneTrac travel safety app for study abroad students may be able to help.Travel Safety App for Study Abroad Students

True, an iPhone / Android app won’t take away all of your worries. That’s impossible. But FoneTrac will allow you to “watch over” your study abroad students (a.k.a., your kids) wherever they are anywhere in the world…24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your children will appreciate the fact that FoneTrac doesn’t track them continuously (unless in emergency situations). As a parent, you’ll love that, with the touch of a button, your kids can check in and alert family members and security experts alike that they are safe. If an emergency occurs, security professionals are a phone call away and can provide advice, assistance or even evacuation help to your kids if necessary. FoneTrac really is more than just a travel safety app for students…it’s a safety net to help protect your family when you’re not there.

The #1 Travel Safety App for Study Abroad Programs

If your student is overseas at a study abroad program, there’s additional incentive for your children to use the FoneTrac travel safety app for students. Our team of experts has eyes and ears on the ever-changing tensions and potential dangers around the world. Parents should insist that universities with study abroad programs think through security measures for their students. A robust travel security platform like FoneTrac offers an easy way for universities to implement these measures. We have decades of experience in assisting private sector, government, defense, aerospace and high-technology industries as well as individual travelers in need of protective measures while away from home.

Even though you wish they’d never grow up, eventually you’ll have to let them leave home, head to college and make their own decisions. You may not be able to be with them at all times, but you can encourage them to try using a security app like FoneTrac to give Mom and Dad some peace of mind. And a phone call or two home once in a while…that would be nice too!

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