A recently released 2019 holiday travel guide by AAA lists several great holiday destinations. If international travel is on your mind this holiday season, how much does safety factor into your choice of destination? International travelers can face a spectrum of risks, particularly during holiday seasons. From pick pocketing and street robberies to travel emergencies, holiday travel can be fraught with scenarios that would be difficult enough to navigate at home. When they happen in another country, particularly where cultural and language barriers exist, they can prove even trickier to resolve.

When planning international holiday travel, the best way to start is by researching your intended destination. Check for State Department alerts or travel advisories for any areas you plan to visit. Next, do some sleuthing for news articles or online information about the destination. While not all information will necessarily be available online, travelers are encouraged to carefully evaluate any patterns they identify; some examples include recent incidents at resorts in some tropical destinations as well as violence in certain areas of Mexico. If you know in advance what risks you might face, it can help you plan better before you are on the ground. You can pre-arrange secure ground transportation, for example, or choose lodging closer to a city rather than in more remote locations.International Holiday Travel Security Tips

Go as Local as You Can for your Travel Security Needs

Understanding local customs on holidays can bolster your safety as well. Knowing in advance that restaurants are closed on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, for example, can keep you from wandering deserted city streets at night in search of a meal. Likewise, in certain cities, religious customs can impact everything from food service to public transportation. Contacting your hotel or resort beforehand to understand any restrictions like these can help you plan accordingly – and safely.

If, despite all your careful planning, things go wrong during your international holiday travels, consider the types of emergencies you might face, and the most efficient way to get help. Knowing that travel emergencies happen, FoneTrac offers reliable support for international travelers wherever their holiday plans take them. Bon voyage!

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