The Scout motto is “be prepared.” It’s such a perfect statement for boy scouts and girl scouts alike, because it encompasses the wide variety of tasks and situations that young people face as part of the program. Being prepared, however, isn’t just appropriate for children…it’s an important principle to carry throughout life. For business executives, preparedness can take the form of a travel safety app for corporate travelers.

How can executives prepare their employees for business travel?

Preparedness can help business travel go smoothly and minimize risk for those traveling, especially for employees going overseas. This can take many forms, including:

Training seminars for employees so they know what risks are imminent and what to do, wear and bring/not bring in order to help prevent dangerous situations. For example, wearing luxury brand clothing and carrying an expensive laptop/briefcase will bring attention to yourself and encourage criminal activity. It also will help your trip run more smoothly and make you less vulnerable if you have taken care of any international phone plan details and purchased computer plug adapters, VPN etc before leaving.Travel Safety App for Corporate Travelers

In addition, corporate travelers should take extra care to learn about the specific country they are visiting and customs that will help to ensure positive business transactions. Is a translator needed for communication? Even if you both know English or are speaking through a translator, a greeting or few sentences in the host country’s native language will go a long way toward fostering relationships.

Plan Ahead for Business Travel Safety

A travel itinerary / plan so that secure transportation can be arranged ahead of time if necessary. This is particularly crucial for volatile regions like Mexico, Afghanistan, Hong Kong etc. Not only that, but creating a travel itinerary can help your team plan the perfect location for business meetings, meals etc to ensure safety of everyone involved. If bodyguards are needed, that can be arranged ahead of time as per the travel itinerary.

Last, but not least, a travel safety app for corporate travelers can help you to be prepared in case of an emergency. FoneTrac is a travel safety app for iPhone and Android and offers check-in and panic alert features. This app is robust enough for corporate travel and comes backed with a 24 / 7 US-based team of security experts standing ready to assist. The FoneTrac team has decades of security experience with high-level, multi-national companies and organizations. If you’re looking for a well-rounded solution for your growing company, consider our team and travel safety app for corporate travelers. It never hurts to be prepared.

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