’Tis the season for holiday shopping, when the joy of giving can dim at the prospect of everything from catching the flu to overcrowded stores. Online shopping can give you the gift of time, along with a multitude of choices for gift-giving. For those of you shopping with travelers in mind, we’ve had our international travel security experts curate some gifts that are sure to delight while supporting safety.

Personal Alarm with Flashlight

Best Gifts for Safe Holiday TravelersWhen danger strikes, noise and light can be your best friend. This is a great gift for travelers who like to go off exploring or run outdoors. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket, the LED flashlight can help you navigate dark places, and the 130-decibel alarm is loud enough to attract attention and scare off attackers.

$12.99, Amazon.com

Water Bottle With Filter

Travel should be full of enjoyment, not illness. Because water-borne bacteria and viruses are invisible, why not give your favorite traveler a first line of defense? This water bottle promises to filter out most of the pesky intruders that can sneak up and ruin a perfectly good holiday!

$34.99, Amazon.com

Portable Charging Bank

These days, hackers are everywhere…and airports are no exception. Low battery on your device can become a nightmare for travelers plugging into public charging stations. Help your favorite traveler avoid those “juice jackers” with this all-in-one portable charging bank. It’s got built-in cables to fit all of your devices and the folding plug means you can quickly re-charge it while enjoying the holiday festivities!

$49.99, Amazon.com

FoneTrac Subscription

There’s no greater holiday gift than constant peace of mind, which puts a subscription to he FoneTrac mobile phone app right at the top of the gift list. Some things simply can’t be prevented…so why not be ready for an emergency? With 24/7 monitoring and international on-demand emergency support, FoneTrac takes the worry out of travel so your loved ones are free to enjoy their holidays!

$129.00 per year

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