Your study abroad student has signed the papers and made it official…next semester, they’re going to study in Norway! It’s going to be an exhilarating adventure (that’s also a little scary too). After all, living someplace far from home immersed in another culture for several months can be daunting. It’s not like just touring the area on a whirlwind vacation. Because of that, security is an important consideration…especially if you’re traveling to and from university on your own. That’s why you need to consider a travel safety app for students.

FoneTrac is a travel safety app for students that stands above the competition. It gives parents peace of mind while their children are away from home because students can easily check-in or send panic alerts in case of an emergency. In addition, with the FoneTrac subscription, study abroad students gain access to a 24 / 7 US-based security team who can dispatch help where the student is located if needed. Study Abroad Hikers Worried about their Security

Once you’ve gotten the security aspects of your trip straightened out, it’s time to enjoy your experience. Below are some helpful tips.

Blend in with the Locals but Stay Safe with a Travel Safety App for Students

As a student studying abroad, you’re stepping out on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Naturally, the phone is going to come out and you’ll want to snap lots of photos around the city. Of course, lots of selfies with your new friends are a must as well! But don’t be rude about taking photos when out and about.

Be yourself but don’t forget to blend in instead of standing out too much. You don’t want to be “that noisy American” the locals try to avoid. It’s also worth noting that looking too much like a tourist can pose a security risk as well. So, in general, it’s a good idea to learn the language as much as possible and be respectful of how people in your host country live their lives.

Fear is a natural reaction to something unknown. But, by taking the opportunity while young to travel, learn and be exposed to a different culture, you’re proving to yourself and to others that fear doesn’t have to limit your life. With the reassurance of a travel safety app for students like FoneTrac, you can do more than you ever dreamed possible!


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