You wouldn’t leave home without your car keys, wallet, or your beloved smart phone, right? Well, many international travelers are smart enough to think about purchasing travel insurance for issues such as car insurance, etc. The old adage of “Don’t leave home without it,” often extends to both business and pleasure travelers when traveling overseas.

A recent article offers some insight into the purchase of travel insurance for certain popular travel destinations. As you consider the value of travel insurance, don’t forget the importance of comprehensive safety planning. Once you arrive, what support do you have for security or other emergencies that might require evacuation? A travel security app that has a robust “back end” system such as our own FoneTrac can cover that. Here’s what FoneTrac offers: a) a travel security app that can alert friends, family, and even the local police should you have an emergency, b) both push and pull notification capabilities, and c) a backend support system via our GlobalSecur network that has real people who can help in real emergencies. Think of it as your “support team” at home that’s there at the touch of a button on the app.Travel Security Insurance and a Cool App for Security

Insist that Your Employees have a Travel Security App as a Form of ‘Insurance

Indeed, many corporate traveler program managers insist that their employees use FoneTrac. The app even has a nifty itinerary monitoring feature so that the employee can update management on his or her location, while respecting their privacy. In this way, the app functions as a kind of “insurance,” yet another step that smart travelers take before going abroad to ensure that what happens on their business trip or vacation is only the stuff of positive memories, not terrible disasters etc.

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