Travelers may find themselves in New Orleans this month, enjoying the food, drink, music and atmosphere of Mardi Gras. It’s easy to see why the Big Easy is such a popular destination – it offers a beautiful, historic backdrop to experience this exciting holiday. New Orleans knows how to mix the right ingredients for a fun celebration – costumes, parades, music and food. While you’re away from home, though, you may want to consider a travel safety app for students like FoneTrac.

Whether Mardi Gras in New Orleans is on your bucket list or you’re visiting other popular locations like Mobile, Alabama, Galveston, Texas or even Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – here are a few tips to help you have a safer, more enjoyable experience:

Consider a Travel Safety App for Students and our Tips for Mardi Gras 2020!

  1. Share the experience. They say there’s safety in numbers…but when you’re solo, that can work against you in a crowd. No matter where you travel, attending any sort of large public event means one thing: it’s a good bet you’ll be surrounded by strangers. So why not take someone else along? Travel companions are good for more than just conversation…their constant presence by your side as you explore the city and dance in the streets can help keep predatory strangers away.
  2. Hang onto your drink. Crime involving “roofies” (Rohypnol) and other “date rape” drugs is something all travelers should be aware of. Consider purchasing drinks in sealed bottles or cans that can be opened while you watch. If that’s not possible, or you must have a mixed drink, be attentive as it’s being mixed, keep your eyes on it as it’s delivered to you, and once you have it, don’t set it down. There are no guarantees, but your level of attention could make you less of a target. Taking small sips between long waits is also a safer bet.
  3. Know your limit. Mardi Gras is known for more than its food. For some folks, those Hurricane cocktails offer more buzz than they can manage. Whatever your personal threshold might be when it comes to handling your alcohol, it’s best not to get too close…drunk revelers make easy targets for criminals.
  4. Have a plan. Whether you travel to Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans or anywhere the festivities take you, think about what you’d do in an emergency. What if you lose your medication, or suddenly get sick or injured? What if, despite your precautions, you are impacted by some type of crime? Because emergencies occur, consider the FoneTrac travel safety app for students, a trusted, valuable addition to your travel plans.

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