Study abroad students can benefit greatly from the foreign exchange experience. They become immersed in the culture, listening to politics and eating foods specific to the location. During their free time, expat students can visit city museums and cafes to learn about the history and current “flavor” of the country. When students want to travel beyond their University City, the train is another option.

Colleges and universities appreciate students who study abroad. The larger perspective can provide greater insight on subjects such as law, politics and global business. Although study abroad student programs can be wonderful academic experiences, they also offer sobering worldly lessons. For instance, how to avoid specific neighborhoods during political unrest. When this type of real world problem arises, study abroad students who have a travel safety app can practice “safety first.”

Universities can Keep Track of Overseas Students with the FoneTrac Travel Safety App

According to a NAFSA report, the top region that U.S. students study overseas is Europe. The draw of European culture and history is still popular today, regardless of current terrorist threats. A student can easily ride the Chunnel from England to France within a few hours. Then cross over to Germany or Spain if they have more time. The saying “all who wander are not lost” can apply to their travels. They know where they are going, but parents and universities may not. FoneTrac’s travel safety app can help keep track of whertravel security app for study abroadever a study abroad student wanders.

When an act of terror has occurred, panicked parents do not have to wait for a call back to ensure their student’s safety. More than likely, a student could be ignoring the phone while enjoying the Louvre. Wherever they are, FoneTrac’s travel safety app quickly confirms a student’s location for parents and college campus officials. If a student does lose their way in a European city, they can call GlobalSecur to speak to a trustworthy expert and arrange for emergency pick up. Even in a foreign country, students have the power to practice safety first. The threat of terrorism and other dangers should not deter study abroad students from this special opportunity.

If you are responsible for study abroad students and would like to help them practice safety first with the FoneTrac travel safety app, contact us for a consultation. U.S. universities can allow students the freedom to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime experience with a higher level of security and support.

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