The panorama of global events is ever-shifting, with safety emerging as a paramount concern. Ensuring a seamless international event experience requires expertise, and that’s precisely where GlobalSecur, complemented by the FoneTrac® travel security app, shines. With the added insights from the Exhibitions and Meetings Safety and Security Initiative (EMSSI), event planners have a robust framework for success.

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The Comprehensive GlobalSecur Difference

At the heart of event safety lies GlobalSecur’s wide-ranging suite of services tailored for diverse event requirements. Their Custom Facility Risk Assessment delves deep into specific venue security needs, identifying potential vulnerabilities and addressing them proactively. This intricate examination ensures that every nook and corner of an event space is shielded from threats.

One of IMG GlobalSecur’s crowning jewels is its On-Site Support, a blend of event management prowess and top-notch security assistance. Whether it’s coordinating with vendors, liaising with event coordinators, or overseeing on-site security teams, IMG GlobalSecur acts as a pivotal nexus ensuring events proceed without a hitch.

Furthermore, GlobalSecur emphasizes the health and well-being of international attendees with On-Site Medical Support Capabilities. Rapid response teams, medical intervention strategies, and health advisories form part of this holistic approach to attendee well-being.

The FoneTrac® Edge

Secure International Business ConferenceFoneTrac® complements GlobalSecur’s offerings as its innovative Travel Security App tailored for different audiences, including business travelers and college students. Its ability to provide immediate alerts, coordinate with the broader GlobalSecur security apparatus, and offer real-time assistance in varying scenarios makes it an invaluable tool in the event planner’s toolkit.

Integrating EMSSI’s Guidelines

Adding to this dynamic duo’s strength are the insights and best practices from EMSSI. Their guidelines, such as involving a security expert in risk assessments, ensuring a clear understanding of venue nuances, and having emergency protocols in place, further fortify the event safety landscape.

In the intricate dance of international event safety, GlobalSecur, aided by the technological prowess of FoneTrac® and enriched by EMSSI’s insights, emerges as the conductor. Their comprehensive approach promises not just an event to remember, but one that places attendee safety at its core.

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