What is safety? And what is travel security? What is the first thing that pops into your mind when we say travel security? Do you think of a terrorist attack? Do you think of team mugged in a foreign city? Or, perhaps, you think of getting caught in the middle of a major natural disaster.

Thinking about Risk and Safety

As you may or may not know, we human beings are rather irrational when it comes to thinking about risk. Ask, for example, the average person if they are afraid to fly, and they may answer that yes they are afraid to fly, at least to some extent. However, ask the same person, if they are afraid to drive a car, and they will look at you quizzically. Or, ask them, if they are afraid to cross the street, or to jaywalk. Yet the probability that someone will be hit by a car is orders of magnitude more likely than the probability that they will die in an aircraft crash.

The Safety Angle on Travel Safety Apps

Similarly, although terrorism gets many headlines across the world, and it is, of course, a serious threat to our society, it is not a particularly likely way to die. Similarly, rather than being impacted by terrorism, that employee is more likely to be mugged than to be kidnapped by Islamic militants.

All of this brings us to the safety angle. We are very proud that FoneTrac as a safety app is enabled with backend support, so that if an employee who is traveling abroad, has a travel emergency, we can assist them in real time. Our team has decades of experience in the travel and security industry and stands ready to help 24 / 7 with our client’s concerns whenever they need assistance.

Our app, by putting real people at the fingertips of your employees or executives who are traveling abroad, can help with the safety angle of travel. Is this headline news in the way that a terrorist attack is? Of course not. However, general travel security is a valuable resource for employees who are traveling abroad.

So, in assessing the best travel safety app, don’t forget the safety angle.

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