World travel…simultaneously exciting and dangerous. Using new, patented technology, executives, their family members, employees, backpackers, students, all have an ally in FoneTrac®.World travel safety app

A recent Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s largest professional association representing the $1.4 trillion business travel industry, states 63% of female employees believe their organization could do more to take the needs of female business travelers into consideration.[1] Smart apps and taking local company contact information with you while traveling only meet basic security needs of travelers. FoneTrac® extends support beyond essential travel protection protocols securing the most precious asset of all, your people.

Personalized, instant, secure communications are a necessity when traveling. Let alone remembering all the travel tips such as checking your flights, emailing yourself a photo of your passport, bringing your passport, making it through customs, packing any necessary medications and documentation, keeping your carryon in sight, hiding extra money in a separate pocket, being aware of local criminal activity, staying only at trusted hostels, hotels, campgrounds, and resorts, not opening your door to strangers, arriving before darkness falls, checking your smartphone data plan for international travel fees, confirming your reservations, checking your return flights, making sure a family or friend has your itinerary, knowing the address for the in-country US Embassy, or…..simply getting FoneTrac®…the extraordinary, all-in-one, travel safety app.

Remaining safe while traveling independently requires a measure of responsible pre-planning. Organizations sending executives and employees on business travel are required to fulfill duty-of-care protocols. With the administrative costs, time, and energy given to complete these tasks in an ever-changing security environment, FoneTrac® travel security app technology stands as the best cost-effective, intuitive, and affordable travel security app for much-sought-after piece of mind wherever you go.

Consider, not only terror attacks and crime, but a scenario as simple as losing electrical power in your hotel room. Suddenly there you are, in darkness, unfamiliar with your surroundings, unsure of what will happen next, and calls to the front desk go unanswered. Should you evacuate? Wait for help? Listen to what may, or may not be, local authorities? Answer a knock on the door…in the dark?
With FoneTrac® you are not alone, you are backed by the power of IMG GlobalSecur® with the information prowess and on-the-ground expertise of our proven, well-established, international security Command Centers.

FoneTrac users can quickly send a Panic Alert from anywhere in the world to our trusted security professionals. Unlike simple panic alert apps for Android and iPhone, FoneTrac® has sophisticated backend technology with both online information at your fingertips and our live experts guiding and assisting you with on-the-ground support during any travel emergency. It’s the travel safety app you shouldn’t leave home without.

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