Healthcare seems to be on a lot of American minds lately. Individuals may be asking themselves “Do I have enough?” “What doctors can I go to?” “Are there medical professionals nearby?” travel safety app for medicalExecutives may not be so concerned about health coverage if they received a top medical care package along with the job offer. If they travel outside the U.S., it may be expected that the company will offer healthcare wherever they travel. That maybe true, but an HR manager cannot travel along to ensure the employee is taking care of themselves. It’s up to the employee to monitor how they are feeling and if they need help. When that happens, healthcare overseas has to be ready at a moments notice. That’s why FoneTrac’s travel safety app for medical is ready to help.

Even when a seasoned traveling executive isn’t concerned about their healthcare overseas, HR has to be. An executive could be in great health at this very moment. Thinking about emergency overseas healthcare may not even be on their radar, what then? A savvy HR manager knows anything can happen overseas. Even when the VIP drives straight to their hotel after meetings, avoids street food and carries hand sanitizer, HR has to think of the outliers. No matter how strongly a traveling employee promises they will be fine, it’s important to consider the consequences of denial.

Don’t Deny the Power of a Quick Response: FoneTrac’s Travel Safety App for Medical Support

An executive could feel perfectly fine as they fly out of India to arrive at Indonesia for the next leg of their business trip. Upon landing, they may already start to feel a bit under the weather. Like many busy VIP’s, they may try to “get over it” and continue on until it becomes a problem that can’t be ignored. The good news is FoneTrac’s travel safety app for medical is ready to respond wherever your globe-trekking VIP happens to be. (It works in combination with our GlobalSecur employee travel security service) If a sickness has taken hold, a travelling employee has access to medical care through the FoneTrac travel safety for medical emergency app. Quick guidance to top medical care in the country can be called upon before things get worse.

The CDC has indicted a rise in several dangerous diseases world-wide. From Ebola to new strains of the bird flu. Even if a traveling employee avoids viral “hot spots” they can get ill. Viruses, flu infections, bacterial infections and a myriad of others can easily transmit from one person to another in common area along the trip. Even if a very healthy VIP washes their hands and tries to avoid public places they are susceptible to illness. It can be as simple as breathing the same air in a hotel elevator with an infected person. Wherever the executive begins to feel a bit green, FoneTrac’s travel safety app for medical available 24/7 can help bring a VIP back to a healthy place.