Many years ago American Express ran a series of commercials on which they used the slogan “Don’t leave home without it!” If you don’t remember them you can still find them on YouTube. However, time marches on, and these days no-one leaves home without his or her iPhone or Android mobile phone. That makes a lot of sense, but there is something else that everyone should have on their mobile as well, particularly if they are traveling abroad, and that is the travel safety app FoneTrac. In fact, if you are the HR manager of your company you should insist that every employee has their mobile with them and they should all have the FoneTrac app on it as well.

Update Your Location As Often As You Wish

FoneTrac lets business or student travelers update their location on an ongoing basis. Their location is then recorded on the GlobalSecur mapping system, and they can update it as often as they wish – several times a day if need be when they are on a long journey inside another country. These locations are monitored at a command center, and if a situation develops where the user is located, or even if it is likely that a situation will arise, the travel safety app will alert the individual and will at the same time send an alert to the corporate home base, or in the case of student travelers the university home base.FoneTrac app for travel safety

FoneTrac also includes a panic button so that if an emergency arises the user has only to open the app and press the panic button on the screen. This will alert the GlobalSecur “Backend,” which is staffed by real people who can provide remote assistance combined with on-the-ground support during an emergency situation. FoneTrac tells you the exact location of a traveler and it has built-in contact numbers that provide a direct connection to experts who can give guidance and advice on any security issue.

FoneTrac provides individual licenses for business travelers, students, or holidaymakers abroad, and also has enterprise licenses available for corporations, non-profits and NGO’s, and universities and colleges who have employees or students traveling abroad.

FoneTrac works with any iPhone or Android device and all you need to do is to obtain a subscription, enrol in GlobalSecur, download the app, and you are ready to go. It really is that simple. FoneTrac also works on tablets, notepads and laptops. In addition, you can nominate one person to receive an email update every time you check in.

FoneTrac individual licenses are just $129 per year.

Published On: June 22nd, 2018Categories: Uncategorized

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