Despite the tensions on the US/Mexico border, many companies have employees who cross it every day – sometimes several times a day. This is where we can help with employee itinerary tracking software and check-ins using the GlobalSecur FoneTrac safety app

Over the years, GlobalSecur has developed a global network of consultants and affiliates who can help with virtually any security issues or emergencies that your employees might come across in the course of their travels. These companies and individuals stand ready to assist whatever the problem that your employees encounter. We have developed country-specific programs to help protect your employees, and where necessary their families, from terrorist, criminal, or random attacks, and our employee travel monitoring service is just one example of the many ways in which we can keep you secure.

Many global threats can develop very quickly and our aim is to develop awareness and a suite of programs that give our clients and their staff an ability to react quickly in any given situation. Pre-planning and preparedness provides a distinct advantage to people traveling in foreign countries over those who have not taken the trouble to think ahead.

FoneTrac Travel Safety App: Employee Itinerary Monitoring Software

Each one of your employees crossing into Mexico should have our FoneTrac app on their mobile which helps them access our employee travel monitoring service as they can check in several times a day which gives you as the HR manager the up to the minute knowledge of where your employees are and what they are doing.

Equally important is the fact that if any of your employees run into any type of problem while crossing the border they have immediate access to assistance no matter what their need might be. FoneTrac works globally on all smartphone platforms and is especially useful for cross border operations where there is no definitive itinerary. The app has automated and manual check-in, includes journey management, and also has a built-in panic button for emergencies of any description.

Our group has developed sophisticated self-assessment procedures to promote and reinforce security awareness among your employees, and also has pre-travel reports on 280 countries and regions, and 330 cities to help with this. We constantly check the location of your travelers with our employee travel monitoring service and this requires no input on your part as we will instantly contact you or your employees in the event of there being the likelihood of a problem occurring. All contact is via voice, email, or text as previously agreed between us.

All of our services are available as you require them. This keeps costs as low as possible because you only need to select the services that you require for your particular operations.

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