The majority of the travel safety apps in the iTunes store and Google Play are cheap and really meant for tourists. The FoneTrac travel safety app for employees is robust and meant for taking care of VIPs, executives, and study-abroad students who are going to be out of the country for a long time. Employee Itinerary Tracking AppIt is the ideal tool for you as a busy HR manager to keep tabs on your company employees and directors and assist them with their travel safety needs.

Countries around the world differ in their laws and their customs. Unfortunately, something that may be perfectly acceptable here can get you thrown into jail somewhere else. Just as an example, in Saudi Arabia you can get into big trouble simply for taking a photograph of a building! It is forbidden to take photographs of military installations, government buildings, and the like, and you can be jailed for it. Saying that you didn’t know is not an excuse. If you should get into that sort of a problem you are going to need some help, and you are going to need it fast.

Panic Button: an Important Feature for Safety when Traveling

This is where the panic button on the FoneTrac travel safety app for employees comes into its’ own. When your staff member has any sort of issue, all he or she has to do is to push the panic button and it alerts the GlobalSecur monitoring station which is on 24 hour alert. The monitoring station is staffed by real people who can provide remote assistance, or – as in this case – connect the employee with a Saudi lawyer who can help. Over the years, GlobalSecur has built up a huge network of international connections who can provide whatever assistance your employee on the ground needs.

Of course, that is not the only thing that the FoneTrac travel safety app for employees does. It also allows your employees to check in wherever they happen to be on their travels. This sends you a real time alert so that you know where they are. What’s more is that it provides another level of security for the employee. GlobalSecur monitors the employee’s position every time he or she checks in and if there is likely to be any sort of problem – political unrest, a terrorist activity, flooding, anything at all – then FoneTrac sends an alert to your employee so that they can take the necessary evasive action. It’s also known, therefore, as an employee itinerary tracking app – but, of course, the employees “know” that they are being tracked due to privacy concerns.

In short, for any company which has employees traveling abroad, the FoneTrac app is indispensable.

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