Some colleges and universities are making efforts to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by extending spring breaks, moving to online classes, and asking students to refrain from returning to campus. Student safety is an important issue during these times as well…you may want to consider a travel security app for college students like FoneTrac.

As a result, students may find themselves unable to return their on-campus housing for an unknown period. For some students it may end up being as simple as staying at Mom & Dad’s house, but for others, especially international students or those who attend college far from home – the situation can be challenging.

COVID-19 and Spring Break: Use a Travel Security App for College StudentsStudents who find themselves temporarily without a domicile should make safety a high priority. If you were on a spring break trip with a roommate or friend, is it possible to go home with them? Do you have relatives or family friends who you can stay with until campus housing is available again? If not, and you end up searching for an AirBnb or a hotel – is there one that’s close to fellow students or near campus?

Wherever you stay, don’t forget to secure your belongings when you go out, including your laptop, table and other supplies. Be conscious of your online activity – avoid public Wi-Fi, for starters, and lock down your social media privacy settings. Be careful what you post online that could tip strangers to where you are staying; perhaps hold off until you’re back on campus (or home with family) to tell the story of your extended spring break.

Because of the risks associated with COVID-19, and because it’s possible to get injured or sick from a variety of causes – learn the location of the nearest hospital or urgent care clinic. And continue to practice good handwashing and sanitation techniques to protect yourself and others. Plan to check in with your loved ones periodically to let them know you’re ok – FoneTrac’s travel security app for college students offers a great feature for this. In addition, our travel security app for Android also works on iPhone devices as well…simply purchase a subscription, download and use!

Sometimes being an international student is hard, let alone being away from your campus home and fellow students. Stay in touch with your college or university program so you know when it’s safe to head back to campus. The year 2020 might not have the most idyllic spring break, but what’s most important is that everyone stays as safe and healthy as possible.

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