One of the most sobering effects of global efforts to mitigate and contain the Coronavirus pandemic has been a growing sense of isolation. I’ve spoken with people who wonder if they will ever see their elderly parents again, and others whose adult children live abroad and worry about how long it will be before they can travel. Many healthcare workers who are concerned about exposing their families to the virus are opting to rent accommodations elsewhere as they perform essential services in their communities. Because of this isolation, family members must make extra efforts to communicate their safety to loved ones. Our FoneTrac travel safety app for iOS and Android devices can help with this.

Staying home these days? Check in with friends and family using our travel safety app for iOSMany workers have found themselves suddenly working remotely from home, which, for some, involves endless days of conference calls and video meetings. One friend who lives in a high-risk city bemoaned how much of her day is now spent talking on the phone. Her parents, who live in another state, like to check in with her every day…but because of the way communication has suddenly changed, she explained, she’s exhausted at the end of her remote workday and even brief conversations have become a chore.

We are living in a period of uncertainty and in some places, forced isolation, so it’s important to stay grounded and connected. Video chat technology can definitely help, but it can also, as my friend indicated, add to a sense of being overwhelmed when your days are involuntarily full of its use. People with family members in different time zones or who are busy working shifts out in the community are also battling with anxieties caused by distance and watching the news…factors that can make communicating difficult.

Money-Back Guarantee for our FoneTrac Travel Safety App for iOS

As more companies around the globe step up efforts to help people stay in touch, we at IMG GlobalSecur looked at how we could do our part. We are the global risk and security consulting services firm behind the smartphone app FoneTrac, which allows users one-touch check-ins and panic alerts that can be critical for safety when you travel.

The simplicity of our product is behind our offer of a money-back guarantee for new FoneTrac users. Our goal is as simple as our technology: we want to help you stay connected. We invite new users to subscribe via our website here, then download our travel safety app for iOS or your Android phone. Here are the links for the Apple App Store and Google Play store. You’ll be able to add your most valued contacts when registering! We challenge you to check in with your loved ones via the FoneTrac travel safety app for iOS once a day, which will send them a message with your location. On those days when you’re overwhelmed with video conferences or phone calls, trust us…you’ll love the simplicity.

We at IMG GlobalSecur value your safety and the safety of those closest to you. As members of the global business community, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that together, we’ll get through this pandemic. Stay home and be safe whenever you can, and for those of you out in the community, we value you and the essential services you are providing. Be reassured that we too are working behind the scenes to keep everyone connected.

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