April 29, 2020 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, leading international travel security consulting experts is proud to announce a money-back guarantee for its FoneTrac travel security and travel alert app at https://www.fonetrac-go.com/. The app helps travelers, both corporate and personal, get security alerts and stay safe during their travels.travel security app, travel alert app

“The current pandemic has heightened awareness of individual travel security for both business and personal travelers,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “We’re excited to offer a money-back guarantee on FoneTrac so that people can use it and try it to see how it helps them on their travels.”

Interested persons can subscribe now at https://www.fonetrac-go.com/subscribe/fonetrac-service/, or visit the FAQ page at https://www.fonetrac-go.com/faq/ to learn more about the travel security and travel alert app.


Here is background on this release. IMG GlobalSecur is proud to do its part to help people stay connected during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As the global risk and security consulting services firm behind the smartphone app FoneTrac, the company understands how isolating the current situation can be for individuals who may have loved ones in other cities or countries, spend their days on video conferences or phone calls, and want a simple way to reassure those closest to them that they are all right. FoneTrac provides users one-touch check-ins and panic alerts that offer a simple way to stay connected. The sheer simplicity of the travel security app is why the company is announcing its money-back guarantee for subscribers signing up for new FoneTrac plans. The goal is as simple as the technology: to help users stay connected and reduce isolation during this time of crisis without overburdening those who find the new remote world somewhat overwhelming.

Users can download the app at no cost on their iOs or Android phone, then register it with the company, and then add their most valued contacts. The company challenges you to check in with them via FoneTrac once a day, which will send them a message with the user’s location. On those days when a person is overwhelmed with video conferences or phone calls, the simplicity of FoneTrac will prove its value.


Incident Management Group is a leading international security consulting firm. Corporate or business organizations concerned about their need for robust travel security solutions can reach out to the IMG Group for assistance. The company’s experts provide services such as executive, employee, VIP, and expatriate travel security, workplace safety, duty of care management, risk and threat assessments, workplace violence prevention, crisis management planning, and more.

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