The landscape of business travel has evolved dramatically over the past decade, presenting new challenges that must be addressed with innovative solutions. The biggest challenge today is the unpredictable and rapidly emerging threats, such as diseases, wars, terrorist acts, and crime. These threats, accompanied by unforeseen expenses, make it increasingly difficult for companies to ensure the safety of their traveling employees. Fortunately, new tools like the business travel management app FoneTrac-go and GlobalSecur are stepping up to meet these challenges head-on.

Understanding the Challenges

In an increasingly interconnected world, business travel is more important than ever. But the frequency of new threats, ranging from global pandemics to cybercrimes, has turned corporate travel into a complex puzzle. These threats can strike without warning and are impossible to anticipate fully. As a result, businesses are finding it challenging to devise a comprehensive travel security plan that covers all potential risks and emergencies.

Moreover, unexpected expenses can spring up during business trips, adding another layer of complexity to corporate travel management. These could range from medical expenses due to sudden illnesses, to additional costs incurred from trip cancellations or delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Solution: FoneTrac with GlobalSecur’s Travel Security Program

Addressing these growing concerns are the FoneTrac app and GlobalSecur’s Travel Security Program, two powerful and innovative tools designed to work together to revolutionize business travel security. These corporate travel safety tools offer effective solutions to the aforementioned challenges, ensuring employee security during their business trips.

FoneTrac, a leading travel safety app for corporate travelers, employs cutting-edge technology to counter the unpredictability of the modern travel landscape. It provides real-time location tracking, allowing companies to stay informed about their employees’ whereabouts during their trips through check-in notifications and itinerary management. In an emergency, the app’s panic button feature enables travelers to instantly alert their company’s security team, as well as GlobalSecur’s consultants, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

Using Corporate Travel App

Moreover, FoneTrac keeps travelers informed about potential risks in their current location or future destinations. This feature enables employees to make informed decisions about their travel plans and helps companies adapt their travel policies to the dynamic threat landscape.

Complementing the features of FoneTrac is GlobalSecur’s Travel Security Program, an extensive international travel and security plan. This program seamlessly integrates with the FoneTrac app and provides a wide range of services, including pre-travel destination reports, emergency response and evacuations, location-specific risk and threat assessments, event and meeting security, and executive protection.

The pre-travel destination reports provide an overview of risks for worldwide destinations, helping employees to “know before they go”. These reports can guide employees in avoiding or navigating potential political, security, or health risks in their destinations.

In emergencies, GlobalSecur’s 24/7 hands-on team supports business travelers with immediate responses and evacuation plans. Their vast network of global experts helps navigate employees to safety during critical situations.

Corporate Event Set UpTheir location-specific risk and threat assessments inform businesses to make safer decisions, whether planning a large corporate event or booking incentive trips. GlobalSecur’s intelligence experts offer invaluable advice for pre-event location risk intelligence.

With GlobalSecur, security concerns for corporate events become their business. They serve as a trusted global resource for corporate event planners worried about their attendees’ safety.

Executive protection is another significant aspect of GlobalSecur’s offerings. They expertly manage pre-travel planning and provide protection for company VIPs.

When businesses choose GlobalSecur, they gain access to an extensive network of security resources. From pre-travel intelligence to managing travel emergencies, GlobalSecur is ready to meet all needs.

Their tailored, flexible approach to corporate travel security ensures the right solutions for an organization’s travelers and budget. With no hidden charges or add-on travel-related fees, GlobalSecur’s as-needed service model keeps global security and travel safety costs affordable, offering a cost-effective solution for business travel security.

The Bottom Line

Businessman Using Smartphone AppFoneTrac and GlobalSecur’s Travel Security Program, used in unison, offers a comprehensive solution to the complexities and risks associated with corporate travel. By leveraging these innovative corporate travel tools, and the security consultants behind them, businesses can navigate the unpredictable landscape of business travel, ensuring the safety of their employees, managing unexpected expenses, and maintaining their corporate duty of care. In a world where uncertainty is the only certainty, being prepared and having a comprehensive travel security plan is key. With FoneTrac and GlobalSecur, businesses can confidently face the future of corporate travel. Contact us today!