In our modern business landscape, global travel is not just a perk—it’s a necessity that’s consistently on the rise (despite even worldwide health pandemics). Business travel is expected to accelerate to spending levels of almost two trillion by 2027. Many organizations send their employees overseas for assignments, meetings, and conferences. However, with this vast expanse of opportunity comes the responsibility of ensuring employees remain safe during their travels. And the need for employee travel safety is on the rise.

Business professionals preparing for global travel.

Challenges Faced by Traveling Employees

Employee navigating unfamiliar city during business trip.No matter how seasoned a traveler your employee may be, they can face unexpected incidents in unfamiliar territories. From cultural misunderstandings to delays, petty crime, and other unforeseen emergencies, traveling employees are often in situations where they must adjust rapidly to different safety norms and standards. For example, something seemingly simple, such as traffic regulation, can become a significant issue in a foreign country. Additionally, with the rise of global unrest, employees can find themselves in locations where political tensions suddenly escalate.

Identifying the Nature of the Assignment

Before sending employees abroad, it’s essential to clarify the type of assignment they’ll have. Is it a short-term task, spanning from a few days to several months, typically not exceeding a year? Perhaps it’s a long-term mission, typically stretching beyond 12 months, during which the employee maintains a residence in their home country. Sometimes, an employee might relocate indefinitely, receiving compensation in the destination’s local currency and benefits.

For instance, even a short-term business trip to friendly countries like Canada requires particular visas. While Canada is welcoming, it has specific requirements for business travelers, much like the U.S. Sending an employee unprepared, even briefly, could lead to severe complications like detailed interrogations, electronic searches, detention, or denial at the border. Incorrect representation of the travel purpose or inadequate documentation might result in future travel bans, deportation, or legal ramifications.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Strategy Development

Always conduct an exhaustive risk evaluation before dispatching employees overseas. The destination might not be infamous for kidnappings, political upheavals, or terroristic activities. Yet, what if the employee encounters a severe accident or medical emergency? Would the existing medical insurance cover their medical bills?

It’s prudent for companies to collaborate with specialty agencies offering in-country medical and evacuation services. Familiarizing oneself with the host nation’s healthcare system is vital, understanding emergency medical procedures, surgery protocols, and the safety of resources like the blood supply. Depending on the host country’s healthcare infrastructure, businesses might consider aligning with local medical groups for optimum care or even to gauge if an employee needs evacuation.

Ambulance rushes to an injured person overseas.Furthermore, it’s essential to delve into the nitty-gritty of insurance intricacies. Will state workers’ compensation plans cover the employee during their overseas assignment? Even though many state plans tend to cover employees venturing overseas for short durations, U.S. companies should acquire a foreign voluntary workers’ compensation policy for those on extended assignments.

In addition to medical risks, businesses should be prepared for other less likely but equally significant contingencies. What measures are in place should an employee or a close family member face kidnapping? How are employees safeguarded during prolonged political instabilities or riots? What about in the event of a crime?

The U.S. State Department website is an invaluable resource for risk assessments, providing comprehensive outlines of potential risks for different countries. Collaborating with international risk management firms can also yield personalized strategies tailored to specific countries, even offering support during medical or security emergencies.

Pre-departure Training and Preparation

Equipping employees with cultural sensitivity training for their destination is essential, but incorporating personal safety and security guidelines is equally crucial. While most overseas travelers face minor issues like petty thefts or trivial illnesses, even these can magnify if the traveler is unprepared.

Employers should alert employees about inherent travel risks and any specific challenges tied to their destination. This guidance should be supplemented with details about available assistance and emergency contact information. It’s vital to ensure that the designated emergency contact is perpetually available, considering time zone differences, and possesses adequate local expertise to aid during crises.

Introduction to FoneTrac for Businesses

Business traveler utilizing FoneTrac during overseas assignments.Businesses are increasingly relying on solutions like FoneTrac. Designed for modern professionals, FoneTrac ensures traveling employees have a secure lifeline back to their organization, regardless of where their duties take them. Through the app, businesses can track the whereabouts of their employees, ensuring their safety without breaching their privacy.

Employee Tracking and Monitoring

While respecting employee privacy is crucial, it’s equally vital for employers to have a general sense of their employees’ whereabouts during their assignments. Using systems like FoneTrac can be invaluable here as a midway point between privacy and security.

Consider structuring an employee travel safety “check-in” system where users notify their superiors or designated contacts upon entering or exiting a country or at specific intervals within the country. This can be built into the app. Additionally, internal security or HR teams can consistently monitor the political and security climate of each employee’s destination and receive risk assessments about locations where overseas employees are traveling.

The FoneTrac Travel Security App

Given the various challenges employees might encounter overseas, having a reliable tool like FoneTrac for iPhone or Android can be a game-changer.

World map highlighting frequent business travel destinations.

  • Regular Check-ins: This feature enables businesses to monitor employee locations without infringing on their privacy. Such check-ins are not just about tracking; they assure employers of the employee’s safety.
  • Global Monitoring System: At a glance, this feature provides an overview of employees’ locations, ensuring that help is always within reach during emergencies.
  • Destination Threat Monitoring: This is arguably one of FoneTrac’s most critical features. By offering alerts, it ensures proactive safety, keeping employees informed about any potential threats in their vicinity.

To illustrate FoneTrac’s efficacy, consider a business that faced a crisis during a recent overseas event. Amid sudden political unrest in the host country, FoneTrac’s real-time alerts and GlobalSecur World Map enabled the company to swiftly locate their employees through a requested check-in, ensuring their safety in a timely and efficient manner.

The Extended Benefits of FoneTrac

Beyond immediate safety, using tools like FoneTrac boosts employee morale and satisfaction. They feel valued, knowing their organization prioritizes their well-being. Legally, it fortifies the company’s duty of care. Additionally, it significantly enhances the company’s reputation, signaling a commitment to employee safety.

GlobalSecur’s Complementary Services: As FoneTrac’s owner, GlobalSecur and IMG offer many travel security solutions that work around the app and enhance the response security net.

By leveraging FoneTrac and GlobalSecur, businesses ensure a comprehensive safety net for their traveling employees.

When businesses incorporate tools like FoneTrac, they’re more than just ensuring the safety of their employees. They’re also bolstering:

  • Employee Satisfaction and Morale: Knowing their safety is a priority boosts employees’ morale. They feel valued and protected, leading to increased loyalty and job satisfaction.
  • Duty of Care and Legal Implications: From a legal standpoint, businesses have a duty of care towards their employees. By taking proactive measures, companies can avoid potential legal complications.
  • Enhancing Company Reputation: In the age of information, news spreads fast. Companies known for taking care of their employees are viewed more favorably, which can lead to better business opportunities.

GlobalSecur Tie-In Services to FoneTrac

FoneTrac’s employee travel safety capabilities are further amplified when integrated with GlobalSecur. IMG GlobalSecur offers a comprehensive spectrum of travel security solutions. Whether a business requires end-to-end travel security support or on-demand services, IMG GlobalSecur programs provide an affordable and practical choice.

Features include:
  • Pre-travel Destination Reports that offer insights into the safety norms of the destination.
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation cases for critical situations.
  • Location Specific Risk and threat Assessments for comprehensive safety analysis.
  • Event and Meeting Security solutions tailored for large business gatherings.
  • Executive Protection cases for high-profile employees.
  • Vetted Hotel and Secure Transportation to ensure safety during transit.


In today’s volatile world, the safety of employees on global assignments should be the topmost priority for businesses. Solutions like FoneTrac, combined with the services of GlobalSecur, offer a comprehensive safety net. It’s time for business executives to leverage these tools and ensure the protection of their most valuable asset—their employees.

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